July 5, 2022

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American high school shooting: The parents of the shooter ignored the red flags

The parents of a teenager who killed four students at a high school in North America have deliberately ignored signals that their son may be a threat to other students, state prosecutors said Friday.

Ethan Crumbley, 15, killed four students and wounded six others and a teacher on Nov. 30 on the high school grounds in Oxford, a small town north of Detroit. He was charged with “terrorism” and “murder”, while his parents were charged with manslaughter for allowing their son to use a firearm they had purchased. All three are innocent.

Instead of helping their son, they bought him a gun

Parents have ” Deliberately ignored, clear evidence that their son was a danger to other students on the day of the shooting“, The lawyer wrote. They” This is the best place to prevent tragedy, but they do not, He continued. ” Instead of looking after their son and helping him, they bought him a gun. “.

The public prosecutor responded to the parents’ request to reduce the deposit amount. This amount is set at $ 500,000 (approximately 440,000 euros) each.

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