December 10, 2022

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après la condomnation de Blaise Compaoré, son parti appelle à la réconciliation

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The Congratulations to the Democrats and the Progressives (CDP) on the silence of the verdict in the proclamations by President Thomas Sankara and his two friends. Au cours dune confine the presse ce vendre Ouagadougou, Eddie Komboïgo, the presiding part, a déclaré who is the louvcisien part of your commentary tout commentary regarding this dicision of justice. But in the totality of m condme condoms the certain avocats des party civiles.

Avec notre corresponding à Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Cous sous surveillance policing que la direction parti fondi par liex Presidential Blaise Composer a ten sa sa confrence de presse. Se refusant de commenter The verdict du procs on sur l’assassinat Your Excellency Thomas Sankara and his collaborators, Eddie Komboïgo, the President of your party, declare the declarations of certain avocats des party civiles.

This is the most recognizable citoyans in the world of Droiter, sous messenger, Faso and Lasiglive transcendence of Penser, the user’s proverbial constitution for authorizing or passing on your personal liberty. . The CDP appeals to the files and fils of pays à an appointment of cors and à aller rolsolument vers a vritable reconciliation nationale. ⁇

Sur plan political, the CDP app has its own authenticity transition and appeals to all international communicators and payers throughout the process. ⁇ We’ve made this tribute to the deporter’s accompagnement in l’Union africian, de l’Umooa, de Cédéao, the communicator international, l’union europénnen & l’ONU notam in ter ltte content.

Eddie Kombogo is on the same page as Disposition, where he locates CDP in the cadre of dialogue to retrieve the Burkinabe encyclopedias in groups of armies.

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