March 25, 2023

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Assimi Gotha is promoting the new novel Loi Electrole

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The secret is in the public domain of the event Journal official. In the event of a transition entry donc texte adoption par conseil national transition, lgorganislif, in a semaine. A document crucial for the transition of the site and the notation of a livelihood of live sanctions in Mali. But there is a document controversy in the case of CNT, the return of the car profile.

Assimi Gotha finale fincher pencher la cté du conseil national de transition. En promulguant la novelle loi electoralethe President malien entrine donc 92 amendments that CNT avait imposes aux 219 articles text, au dam dam government, autur du projet.

The new loi electrole compte ainci des dispositions controversies as celle concerning l’authoritén indipendente de gestion des elections, dont trois des quinze membre sernt dsormais nommés par Assimi Gota lui-mime. The Commendation attributes attribution to the Ministerial Administration territory in the preparation technique of scrutins.

With this promulgation, the autonomous transition voulaient domontrer volont davancer vers a retur l’ordre constitutionnel. If you want to find the promotional quote in this place, the governing government should rapide the Communist oriented Afrikaans in the calendar of the most descriptive queries of the queries of the queries and queries of the queries.

Or just, Cédéao se runira le 3 juillet prochain à Accra et dicidera du maintien or non des lourdes sanctions qui frappent le Mali depuis le 9 janvier.

À You have this avancée convaincra l’organization sous-regional desserrer l’tau aut junte.

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