August 15, 2022

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Attacks Murtrires contre a post of police and a position in Garde Nationale

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Un police post and a Garde Nationale ont attéqué mardi au Niger. These attributes are attributed to the homeowners’ armor. Selon autos autonomous septic police and quater milliers on your own. At the bottom of the list are the creations in the zone with trois frontiers, oi des groups jihadistes ciblent regulation civils and forces of secrecy.

D’Aparès autorités, mardi les forces of sicurité ont é la cible de deux attaces distinctes, peritrées par des bandits armés non-identifi se, selon les termes dunin communie du minièntiereur.

It’s the first product of its kind of Tillabéri in the latest, highest priority, the police station in Petelkol, in front of Burkina Faso.

Sept policiers are on your own, pluses bless you, six vichis ont calcinees. Plus boutiques and hangars aux alentours ontie incendiis, indie le ministre de l’Interieur. In mars and october dernier, daauttres attaques menés pr desumés jihadistes avaient déj été signals in this locally tés instable.

The second act is a special place in the Garde Nationale du Niger, in Djado. All passages in Agadez, a zone dessert near Libye, and surveillance for milletires amricains, which are located in Dirkou locally. Mardi, quarts soldats nigriens ont éts and deux vicicules emportés. These autonomous ne fournissent pas datures details and indiquent simulate that securité a été renforcée in this zone.

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