May 30, 2023

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Attempt thwarted by the general staff of the forces.

Staff of the Guinea-Bissau forces announced Thursday that they have identified soldiers plotting to overthrow constitutional order in this small West African country.

“The FARP (People’s Revolutionary Armed Forces) has been able to identify a group of soldiers who are buying their conscience for banknotes in order to overthrow the established constitutional order,” the general said. Celebrating the 47th anniversary of the creation of the Armed Forces, the Military Police.
“It was the soldiers who received the money who condemned those who committed these heinous acts,” General I Enton added.

The announcement comes on the same day that President Umar Sissoko Embalo left Pisa for a 48-hour job.

Guinea-Bissau is a Portuguese colony that gained independence in 1974 after a long war of independence.

Since independence, the country has experienced four stages, the last being pre-2012. Guinea-Bissau Sixteen conspiracy attempts and several changes of government …

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