March 22, 2023

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Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “


ECOWAS closed its borders with Mali, which, as part of a regional agency embargo, forced Bamako to hold early elections. Mali responded similarly. But do these closures also apply to foreign military aircraft? The Malian government protested after a large carrier of the French army cut off its radio to cross the border into Mali and land in Cao.

The Air Force A400M was on the Abidjan-Gav link. There is a regular military aircraft, troop supply and operations every day. During this flight, Ouagadougou and Niamey control centers were reminded of the French plane. Mali banned from entering airspace.

However, military personnel in Paris say the plane was compliant. He followed the planned procedure with the flight plan approved by the Malian authorities, and upon entering Mali’s territory, the transponder – the aircraft’s radio identification system – switches to military mode, making flight information inaccessible to the public controller.

So the plane landed at Cao’s important Mali base, and technical procedures were followed up to the letter, Paris says. It should also be emphasized that military aircraft were not affected by the air ban on Mali. But in Bamaga, we see things from a different angle. In a more played conflict, all beats are now allowed.

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