May 30, 2023

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Bossobé Traoré regretted the confusion at the helm

Thomas Sankara

During this second day of interrogation, Bossobé Traoré, a close defender of Thomas Sankara, continued to deny all of the allegations against him. But since his whole story was removed, the floor showed no mercy to him. Further, the accused expressed regret.

Second day trial of Bossobe Traorer This was not easy for this former member of Thomas Sankara’s close bodyguard, who is suspected of colluding with the killers. The account of the facts presented by this former corporal has been fully questioned by civil prosecutors. First, Sergeant Arsuma Otroko noted that Bossobé Traoré’s accusations about the type of gun used by Odysseus contradicted the results of ballistic expertise.

In fact, the Pump Shotgun is a 12-76mm caliber rifle, while the bullets found in the bodies of Der Somda and Abdule Goem, who are said to have been fired by the same weapon used to fire the Odyssey Bosse Trave, are 7-62mm in capacity. Hence the conclusion of the case: “The pump shotgun cannot fire a 7-62 mm caliber bullet. Only Kalashnikov assault rifles or HK G3 ”rifles can use this type of bullet.

Later, a report from the National Commando Training Center (CNEC) submitted by Bossobé Traoré stated that he was wounded by a gunshot wound to the back and not when he tried to lie on the ground. Make it appear.
In addition, the Civil Party, a few weeks after the events of October 15, returned to the corporal benefit medical discharge, pointing out that it was a privilege not to lend to the environment.

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In fact, during this period, a real hunt took place against the relatives and believers of President Shankar. Bossobé Traoré was benefiting from the medical discharge at this precise moment, which suggests that it was a reward for the services rendered. The other element on which the Civil Party bases its argument is the compensation received by Corporal Bose Trey after facts. The accused tried to defend himself by claiming that he had been compensated as part of the 2004 National Amnesty Day.

Finally, the former policeman of Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso, said that he was very sorry for the assassination of the father of the revolution, that he loved himself and gave him gifts. At the end of the trial, the session was adjourned and the accused Alidou Jean-Christophe Diébé bar is due to resume tomorrow Thursday.