December 7, 2022

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Burkina Faso celebrates its military takeover


On Monday evening, Roche-Mark Christian Capore was fired by the Patriotic Movement for Defense and Reconstruction, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henry Santoko Tamiba. The troops specifically announced the constitutional suspension, the dissolution of the government and the National Assembly. Burkina Faso took to the streets to salute the acquisition.

With our Special Correspondent in Ouagadougou, Peter Saso Tokbe

Many young people gathered at the Place de la Nation in the capital to celebrate the military takeover. Screams, whistles here, and there the Burkina Faso anthem resounds in the chorus. These young men claim that the army are the deserving sons of the country of honest men.

Burkina Faso was dying and the army came to save it A cheating young man screams. ” It releases one sigh of relief into another, He adds, We were confronted by a force that lacked the ability and intelligence to hold all the sons and daughters of Burkina Faso hostage.

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Others have a banner that says, The movement to rebuild Burkina Faso is fighting for deeper reforms in the areas of sovereignty, security and dignity. .

We will support the military to the end Starts one. Another warns those who interfere in the affairs of the country: ECOWAS and other, it’s over!

At night, at the sound of motorcycles, they returned home just before the curfew began at 9 p.m.

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Young people also expressed their happiness on the streets of Bobo Dulasso. But in the second capital of the country, not all citizens need to share their enthusiasm and opinions are divided.

That is what we want. We need strong men to lead the country, we need peace. We are ready to support them in the morning, afternoon and evening if they need it.

Reactions in the streets of Bobo Dulaso