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C dte d’Ivoire: MTN you have files against TIC

Publish in 30.04.2022 à 18h25 for AFP

MTN Côte d’Ivoire envisage unwanted global global FCFA at 15 000 000 titles in 2022 for his initiative STEM GIRLZ. he proves STEM GIRLZ, visits à motiver les junes filles à embrasser »les TIC, a secter on pleine croissance, or all his own souvenirs.

The STEM GIRLZ project is a world-class sensitization for objective susceptors with a new novelty of junus fillers motivation and déttermines à russer, and des utre femmes leaders in the sciences and technologies.

In Clan, the enterprise’s telephonic organization and a panel of development personnel authoring the theme ‘Les jeunes files in TIC’, the Universal Nangui Abrogoua (UNA, public) in the presence of over 400 scienttudiants’s theosophiles scientist.

The panel is based on the MTN Network Network MTN, a consultant in digitalisation enterprise and a coach in leadership and development personnel, which has a high level of interest in the fastest and most intriguing tic.

Entreprise citoyenne, this file is from group MTN, a lancé deputus dux ans projeet STEM GIRLZ afin datonomiser jeunes files, via module inspiration and sensibilizations sorte à s in technologies based on technologies de la communication.

A traveler projected STEM GIRLZ, the world’s leading telephonic, veteran of the latest portfolio of auctions fillers and auxiliaries of junus femmes, the researcher and the connoisseur of nancessaries to develop the domain content in the science of domain, science and technology. English and descriptive mathematics.

In that suite du panel, the deuxième edition of the project STEM GIRLZ with more than 1.000 liveès and audiences notamment au Lycée Moderne 1 & 2 de Grand Bassam, Lycée Moderne d’Anyama, Lycée Municipal 2 in Kussi Abrogoua.

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The dimamarge phase phase sensibilization des jeunes fils ses tenuele mercredi 27 avril 2022 au lychee moderne Grand-Bassam, cité balnaiire situated 40 Kilometers au Sud-Est d’Abidjan.

MTN Cite d’Ivoire Envisage is a worldwide 15 000 000 FCFA with a title of 2022 for its initiative STEM GIRLZ. In 2021, the 20 million Fcfa qui tté engags for sensibilization and the formation of 800 jeunes fils.

Operator Global, the four-solution solution for mobile, Internet, hacking database and payment, filing, presenting Cvote d’Ivoire deploys juillet 2005, compte more than 11 million downloads. Elle employ aujourd’hui more than 750 people, not more than 30% with femmes.