February 2, 2023

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Channel immigrant shipwreck: Boris Johnson “blames” France


On the front page of the press this Thursday, November 25, on the channel was the tragic death of dozens of immigrants, the presentation of the new German “traffic light” coalition and the incredible story of the appointment of the first female Prime Minister. Sweden

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They dreamed of a better future. But according to the channel, “increasingly deadly sea” Release, Prevented from doing so. Never before have so many people been killed when a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of Calais. Of Gerald Dorman, The interior minister speaks of “national mourning for France” and describes the kidnappers as “criminals”. But this tragedy renews tensions between Paris and London in high places. Says British Prime Minister Boris Johnson“Shocked”, clearly accuses France of not doing enough to prevent such a tragedy. Very “political” statement Release It is a reminder that London has not yet paid the மில்லியன் 63 million it promised to tighten controls on the French side.

The issue of migration in Great Britain is very sensitive. In one of the pro-conservative tabloids, we read the shocking phrase: “You allowed mobs to kill without punishment”. (Daily Mail) Or “Why France did nothing to stop them” (Metro) ? To The Defender, The cause of this situation is not France but the Conservative Party, more precisely, Home Minister Prithi PatWho has been talking very harshly about immigration for months. To the left-wing newspaper, the defenders of the Tories and Brexit “must understand that without mutual alliance with France it can not regain control of its borders” hence the European Union. Not by blaming a historical ally as a “slacker”.

For a month, Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Can no longer manage daily business in Germany. This should soon lead to a future alliance known as the “traffic light”. Note the three parties in power: red for social democrats, green for ecologists and orange for liberals.

This unprecedented exercise, never tested nationally, is reminiscent Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, His government plan for the next 4 years. A big part is given to the environment: the withdrawal from coal in 2030, the creation of the “super” ministry of ecology or the legalization of cannabis under more stringent conditions.

What will immediately occupy the future president, Olaf Schlos, This is the new wave of Govt-19 that will hit Germany on Wednesday with 75,000 new cases. The hospital has been promised ில்லியன் 1 billion and the vaccination obligation could be extended to other businesses.

In Sweden, Magdalena Anderson, for a few hours, was the country’s first female prime minister. But due to a political disagreement with his environmental ally, She had to resign In Parliament, being the leader of a minority coalition. The Greens accused him of hastily implementing a budget drawn up by the far right. But Magdalena Anderson wants to test her luck again in parliament with a one-party government. Meanwhile, he writes Swedish daily newspaper, “No captain” for the countryAnd it is a“Bad news” for Sweden.

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