February 2, 2023

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Code de Ivory: Reforms in doctors recruitment have been announced

Posted by AFP on 06.11.2021 at 08:18

Ivorian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, prof. Adama Diavara announced Friday on the Abidjan reforms in the process of recruiting doctors.

He made the announcement during a meeting with two meetings of “doctors” in various fields “not yet recruited” for public service, a demonstration on Wednesday on the plateau, Ivory’s administrative district and affairs. Economic capital of the police.

It is these multiple nominations that are telling people on social media sites that “3189 doctors have not been hired” in the public service, as the minister explained, “suppressing multiple candidates” in these reforms. “These are wrong numbers,” he said. A single application will only trigger a one-time payment of the competition fee set at 50,000 FCFA.

“Sometimes only one person can be a candidate for many positions, just like someone who has applied for six positions in many universities. In that case, there are six applications, one person behind it, so there is only one doctor, not six doctors, ”the professor explained. Adama Diavara.

To date, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research has noted in our files that “only 1120 physicians have not been hired” and “keep the ball on the ground” because the recruitment is transparent and the structures, especially the universities, are designed to meet the requirements.

“This year, we recruited 252 people, including 151 newcomers, 6 contracts and the rest are definite changes,” the minister further explained, thus leading to a decline in the number of enhanced 256 on social networks. 252 people were hired in addition to last year’s quota.

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Reforms provide applicants to interview about research and teaching. “450 new positions will compete in the first quarter of 2022. So prepare yourself,” he began to his speechwriters.

Earlier, the two medical teams, which had not yet been hired, presented their grievances to the minister through their spokespersons Olivier Dally and Martiale Adou. They wanted the maximum age to be 45 to 50, which is the President’s exceptional measure for recruiting all physicians.

Various questions were also asked regarding the price of the citizenship certificate, criminal record, stuttering test and the attitude of some of the agents involved in the recruitment process.

With regard to exceptional recruitment, the Minister expressed budget control. In fact, the exceptional recruitment of all physicians would cost the state nearly 12 billion FCFA.

In C டிte d’Ivoire, the pay bill for civil servants and civil servants is 42% of the country’s revenue, where the standard provides 35%.

“A lot of efforts are being made in C டிte d’Ivoire to recruit doctors from there with President Alessandro Ottara,” Minister Adama Diawara continued, adding that an average of 400 to 450 recruitments take place per year. Other countries in the sub-region are 100 or less than 100 per year.