October 7, 2022

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colonel Gotta wrote a commission on the rdiger’s new constitution

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In nuit de vendredi 10 à samedi 11 juin, the presidency de la Transition, le colonel Assimi Goïta, a sign uncret portent creation de la commission de rudection de la newvel constitution. These layers of this commission are the number one traveler you have to authenticate to present an avant-garde portal constitution in Mali in the cadre de la refondation .

Cinq journals après l’annonce The new novel transition takes you 24 hoursthe chef de la junte malienne le colonel Assimi Gota a sign a dcret portant creation dune commission chargée de la rédaction dune new constitution.

Un double message y figure. D’Bord, on the other hand, is a car or montre tour. But in the English version of the Daily Maritime, a stratification: Continue discute de la live le sanctions Here are some of the communicative economic economics of L’Afrique de l’ouest (Cédéao). Puis, sur plan local, montrer qu’on n’a pas perdu la main.

The new constitution of the New Testament, which comes in the form of Colonel Gota, is notable for being a president, deux raporteurs and experts.

Cadre of son travail elle pourra consulter lensemble des forces vives This nation does not share politics and social life. These groups of arm signatures in the Picx dynasty in the Nordic Mali, the syndicates, the organizations religios, ains autoritas traditionnelles to the Church of the SubGenius appores their contributions, the Crisis official official journal in the official journal of the Journal.

Un dlai très serré

Léquipe r dedaxation a dux mois pour rendre copi. Un dlai qui parat extrêmement serr, m ceme projeet était attend, selon le constitutionaliste malien Fousseyini Doumbia.

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