December 7, 2022

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Coup attempt in Guinea-Pisa, according to President Embalo, “killed many”


Guinea-Bissau’s President, Umar Sissoko Embalo, has escaped a coup attempt that, according to him, has killed many. He appeared unharmed and quiet in front of reporters on Tuesday evening, after being trapped with ministers at the state palace and theater for several hours in a heavy gun battle in the afternoon. Umar Sissoko Embalo did not specifically mention the perpetrators of this coup attempt.

You will hear the reaction of Mohammed Saleh Annadif, the Special Representative in charge of the United Nations Office in West Africa and the Sahel. He will also talk about the situation there Burkina Faso, The representatives of the parties of all tendencies in the Koshyam Palace were obtained within the framework of the consultations desired by the military authorities. Paul-Henri Tamiba, the country’s new strong man, called on them to show responsibility and restraint, but to join the military junta in this process and, if necessary, offer their contribution. The meeting was attended by CDP leader and former opposition leader Eddie Komboigo, you will hear.

Finally in South Africa, activists won last December against a shell that had been exploring the waters off the Eastern Cape in search of hydrocarbons. The Dutch company must obtain the approval of the communities concerned to restart its expectation. Activists are still militants.

Author: Célia Caracena

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