December 7, 2022

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COVID-19: Omigron spreads rapidly and vaccines are less effective (WHO)

Based on the current conclusive evidence, Omicron has a growth advantage over Delta. This rapid spread of Omicron is found only in South Africa, where the delta was low, but also in the United Kingdom, where this variant dominates.

But at this point, the high rate of transmission in highly immunocompromised populations is such that Omigran “escapes immunity, and the UN World Health Organization does not yet know whether the benefits of the outbreak are greater or a combination of the two.”

“However, based on the data currently available, Omicron will perform better in delta locations than Delta”WHO. Only the magnitude of the severity of the variation is unknown. Research continues to establish the severity of the disease caused by Omigran.

Omicron is present in 63 countries in the world

Meanwhile, the symptoms appear to be “milder than mild and less severe than in the delta” in South Africa and in Europe, where they are found in Europe. “It is not yet clear to what extent Omigran may be less malignant by nature,” the WHO stressed, adding that “additional data are needed to understand the extent of the severity”.

As of December 9, 2021, the new Omicron variant has been identified in 63 countries in six WHO regions. According to the WHO, the overall threat posed by Omigran depends on the extent of its spread. It depends on the effectiveness of the vaccine and the previous infection to protect against infection, transmission, clinical disease and death, but the malignancy of Omigran compared to other types.

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The WHO notes that Omicron’s small data and genetic profile suggest a “fall in performance” in terms of protection against “infection and transmission”, precisely for anti-Govt vaccines.

At the same time, some initial data suggest that the incidence of relapse may be increased in South Africa, which may be associated with humorous (antibody-mediated) immune failure.

More Available Drugs “Effective”

In addition, initial data from some studies with limited sample volumes revealed that CERA, obtained from vaccinated and previously infected individuals, had a lower neutralizing activity (the extent of reduction varies significantly) than other circulating VOCs of SARS-CoV-2.

The WHO believes that corticosteroids or interleukin 6 antagonists and anticoagulant prophylaxis should be effective in treating acute or significant Covit-19 patients associated with the Omigran variant. However, the WHO believes that monoclonal antibodies should be tested separately for antigen binding and virus neutralization, and these studies should be given priority.

In addition, the diagnostic accuracy of PCR tests and antigen-based rapid diagnostic tests (Ag-RDT) do not appear to have an impact on the commonly used Omicron.

Outbreaks of the new corona virus have killed at least 5,285,888 people since the outbreak in late December 2019. More than 267 million infections have been officially diagnosed since its inception, according to figures established Monday by the WHO. Infectious. As of December 9, 2021, a total of 8.1 billion doses of vaccines had been distributed worldwide.