June 1, 2023

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Criminal investigations were opened around undocumented couriers

(Belka) The Brussels Labor Auditor has launched a series of criminal investigations into the status of undocumented couriers who work with the payers they employ, L’Echo reported Saturday.

What draws the judges’ attention is the working relationship between the undocumented couriers, their intermediaries and the major delivery sites Uber Eats and Delivery. According to L’Echo, the Brussels Labor Auditor has opened several criminal cases involving undocumented bicycle couriers and their nominees. Based on reports drawn up by local police zones, investigations have so far been opened to prevent the employment of persons without a residence permit and the employment of persons not notified to Social Security – the so-called “Type 4” criminal offenses are the most serious in the penal code. Investigators suspect that intermediaries who lend their names to immigrant couriers are asking for half of their income. These couriers end up with 2.50 euros per hour. Contacted by L’Echo, the auditor did not wish to comment further. These hearings will largely depend on the Labor Court’s ruling in the delivery case, which is expected in mid-December. The case began as a criminal investigation but ended in civil matters, with the Brussels Labor Auditor asking that the “collective economy” contract for couriers be reclassified as an employee contract, which allows for much better social security. (Belka)

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