February 2, 2023

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Deed of change of title signed in Elysee

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This is the culmination of a process initiated by the French president four years ago. Twenty-six works belonging to the royal treasures of Abomi, to Benin, which was plundered in 1892, will be launched this Tuesday, November 9, 2021. The deed of transfer of ownership was signed at the Elysee on Tuesday morning. Benigno and French Culture Ministers in the presence of Presidents Talon and Macron.

With our special correspondent on lysée, Sylvie Coffee

It is the sound of the Republican Guard and the most official and most solemn ceremony held in the presence of the two heads of state. President of the Republic of Benin He spoke at the end of this historic ceremony of signing the deed of transfer of ownership: ” Our soul returns, and it does more than twenty-six royal jobs, goods. It is part of our deeper genetic heritage. ⁇

Very flexible, very smiling, very proud president. ” I prayed to my ancestors in despair and despair. “Not a single president has shortened his words and asked for the withdrawal of other works without hindrance:” Mr. President, agree with me Restoration of 26 works What we dedicate today is only one step in the ambitious process of equality and restoration of a monumental heritage that was previously extorted from France by the Kingdom of Benin.

Mr. President, it is unfortunate that this most commendable reform process has not given us complete satisfaction. In fact, when I left here with 26 works, how do you expect my enthusiasm to be total? Guédégbé, and many others, are constantly detained in France for the disappointment of their users?

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Hope, He concluded, Allowed now. This is an unprecedented first step in the process of recovery and repair.. ⁇