May 30, 2023

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Demonstrators block a French army convoy

“French army destroys”, “Release Sahel”, “The military parade of French invasion and decolonization is no more”, According to photos and videos approved by the Agency France Press, we can read signs and banners stamped by protesters gathered at the entrance to Kaya.

According to protesters, banging their fists in the air, protesters sang the national anthem in front of a French convoy of several dozen vehicles.

The advance of the convoy, which was coming from Ivory Coast to Niger, had already been blocked by protesters on November 17 and 18 in Bobo Dulaso (west) and later in the capital, Ouagadougou. In the capital, Burkina Faso security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters, said Roland Payala, a spokesman for the Coalition of African Patriots in Burkina Faso (Copa-PF), which called for the protests.

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Roland Payla announced to AFP “Demonstrate insecurity. From Ivory Coast, when we learned that a French army convoy was about to cross Burkina Faso to Niger, we decided to block it because, despite the agreements signed with France, we continue to record deaths.A Copa-BF spokesman told AFP “Call for mobilization of people on this convoy route” Should oppose its passage.

On November 16, hundreds of people took part in demonstrations in several cities across the country demanding the resignation of Burkina Faso President Roche Marc Christian Cabore. They rebuked him “Failure to stop terrorist attack”, Two days after a jihadist attack that killed at least 53 people, including 49 genders, in northern Inada.


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Burkina Faso has been facing regular and deadly jihadi attacks since 2015, especially in the so-called northern and eastern regions. “Three Borders”, On the borders of Mali and Niger, both countries faced the actions of armed jihadists.

The violence, sometimes mixed with inter-ethnic clashes, killed about 2,000 people and forced 1.4 million people to flee their homes.

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