February 2, 2023

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Dr. Anthony Fossi said “almost certainly” that Omigron is not more serious than Delta

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Anthony Fossie, a White House adviser on the health crisis, wanted to reassure himself about the dangerous nature of the Omigron variant of Covit-19. He was “almost certain” that the Omigron delta was not as bad as the variant. While this new variant is reminiscent of “more contagious”, the indications are that “it may be less severe”.

It is “almost certain” The Omigron variant does not cause severe cases of Govit-19 More than the Delta variant, he told AFP on Tuesday (December 7) Anthony Fossie. The eminent American scientist added that it was still necessary to wait “at least two weeks” to see if it would become even less dangerous.

The White House consultant on the health crisis spoke in a telephone interview about the first known elements and uncertainties surrounding the new variant that is spreading around the world: its spread, the immunity of vaccinated and former patients, and the severity of infections.

Global epidemiological data show a high rate of re-infection with omigran and this variant has a high immunity to the vaccine. But “it’s almost certain that this is not more serious than Delta,” said Anthony Fossie. “There are some indications that it may be less severe,” he added.

“I think it’s at least two more weeks in South Africa, and then when there are more infections in other parts of the world, it may take us longer to see the real severity,” he said.

“Clearly very contagious”

Current studies In South Africa, this variation was discovered in November, The immunologist explained that the ratio between the number of contaminants and the number of hospital admissions was “lower than the delta”.

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However, he warned that South Africa’s data should not be overstated, as it has the uniqueness of being the youngest people in the country and having the lowest risk of hospitalization. Given the knowledge that severe forms of the disease can take several weeks to develop.

But the new variant is “clearly more contagious” anyway, probably more than Delta, says Dr. Fossie.

The Omicron variant is now available in at least 38 countries. Although it has not been linked to any deaths at this time, scientists are concerned about its unprecedented number of mutations, including thirty in spike protein, the key to the virus’s entry into the body.

Very soon to find out if more vaccines should be considered

To combat its spread, Anthony Fossie must be careful, especially when traveling, and wear a mask indoors if we do not know the vaccine status of other individuals. Those who qualify for the third dose of the vaccine should receive it as soon as possible.

Studies, especially in Israel, show that the booster dose dramatically increases antibody levels and the severity of the immune system, the doctor said. But it is too late to know if this response is stable enough or if other vaccines need to be considered, he stressed.

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