December 10, 2022

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Emmanuel Macron’s diplomacy extended to civil society

Faced with difficulties in setting up the international order of the Internet and the Internet, Emmanuel Macron seeks to form large alliances involving states, organizations and voluntary organizations.

The Paris Peace Forum, which opened on Thursday, contains these five best “invitations” or forums for discussion.

“We are building a goodwill alliance, exemplifying good rules and putting enough pressure on each other to find effective and democratic solutions,” Henry Verdier, ambassador for Digital France, told AFP.

Paris call for trust and cybersecurity in cyberspace

Launched during the first Paris Peace Forum in November 2018, the call is now backed by the United States, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Thursday.

Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, pointed out that the EU was behind the call, which now includes 80 states, more than 700 companies and 400 government agencies, or a total of 1,200 signatories.

On behalf of the state, the appeal confirms that international law and especially international humanitarian law apply in cyberspace.

On the business side, the Paris appeal confirms, for example, the “hack-back” ban, a company that should not respond to itself during a computer attack.

Participants in the call today work specifically on the “Cyberspace Security Index”, which makes it possible to identify dangerous areas and unreliable actors. Vertier said.

Christchurch Online Appeal Against Violent Terrorism

In 2019, pictures taken by the perpetrator of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand (51 people died in two mosques) will be available online for several hours.

The soon-to-be launched Christchurch appeal by New Zealand and France, in particular, helped reform the Global Anti-Terrorism Forum (GIFCT), which is more independent of large corporations (Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube). The GICFT Crisis Management protocol has been revised to expedite the recovery of images during a crisis.

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“At the second anniversary of Christchurch’s invitation last May, we launched new workgroups.

Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence

Launched after the 2019 G7 in Fiarritz at the initiative of France and Canada, the Global Partnership for Artificial Intelligence aims to generate recommendations to governments from the scientific community to develop this technology at the service of humanity. , By avoiding ethical declines.

According to Elysee, the coalition that will take over the presidency of France this week will unite 19 states. But he went in search of his work as “the best researchers in the world” including China, Henry Vertier.

The Coalition is to present its first report on Thursday evening to Emmanuel Macron and other political leaders who attended the peace forum.

Joint for Information and Democracy

Launched by France and Reporters Without Borders in 2019 in Fiarritz, the partnership now unites 43 states, ELC said.

He has already made recommendations in the fight against “infotemics” and “the economic sustainability of journalism in the digital age”.

The partnership is now preparing the International Monitoring Center for Information and Democracy, which will continue to publish a report on the “evolution of the global information space”.

Protecting Children on the Internet

Emmanuel Macron on Thursday evening launched a new “call for action to protect the rights of the child in a digital environment,” especially protecting him from dangerous content related to pornography, human trafficking or cyber-harassment.

The French president pointed out that he was “compliant with European and global standards”, “we have a commitment from key bases” and “regulators to enforce the rules”.

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On Thursday evening, Elysee Palace announced that 7 states so far have supported the appeal (Argentina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Jordan, Luxembourg, Morocco), as well as several large digital sites (Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter), Ut … And many NGOs (e-Enfance, WeProtect Global Alliance, Save the Children, Observatory of Parenthood and Digital Education …)