December 10, 2022

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Ethiopia condemns WHO director’s position on Tigre conflict

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Addis Ababa calls on the WHO to launch an investigation into its director, the Ethiopian Tetros Caprais. He is accused of intimidation Honesty The Tigray-born director of the World Health Organization, and partisans of the TPLF, has repeatedly strongly condemned the withholding of humanitarian aid in the region.

With our correspondent in Nairobi, Florence Morris

Hell like Tigray can be found nowhere else in the world “. After a few hoursThe director of the WHO made these comments, The strongest, Ethiopia announced the capture of the World Health Organization, asking it to open an investigation against him.

In its press release issued on Thursday evening, the Ethiopian government has blamed Tetros Caprais. Confiscation “,” Violation of legal and professional liability . Addis-Abeba charged Interferes in the internal affairs of Ethiopia »And not more or less Active member Of TPLF, classified “ Terrorist By Ethiopia. The director of the WHO has also been accused by his country of providing the movement. ” Financial and technical support .

The allegations come as the WHO meets next week to approve a second five-year re-appointment as head of the Tetros Caprices organization. According to an observer, a similar approach Trying to track down His last update.

It remains to be seen whether Ethiopia can adequately convince WHO member states of the merits of its approach. Especially since the current director is the only candidate for re-election.

As of Friday evening, the World Health Organization had not yet responded. According to the United Nations, airstrikes by federal officials in Tigris have killed at least 108 people since the beginning of the year.

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