March 25, 2023

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Felix Molova was appointed Prime Minister


Henry Mary Tondra, the former head of the Central African Government, was ousted by the President on Monday, February 7th. In the process, the latter appointed his finance minister, Felix Molova, as his successor. An heir who intervenes in a tense environment.

With our correspondent in Bangui, Carol Valet

Felix Moluva is now the new Prime Minister of the Central African Republic. Through training he has been a mathematician, teacher, demographer and Minister of Economy, who has been President Tudora since 2016 and is close to him.

From a good source, we know that the former Prime Minister has been demanding his resignation for almost a week now. Who has been in office for less than a year and has a very reassuring profile from Western allies Henry Mary Tondra. However, there was little room for maneuver “, Says a relative.” Small influence in government .

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Henry Mary Tondra was the target of an attack within his own party, the MCU. So, on Sunday evening, we had to wait until the head of state returns to formalize the process and put an end to the uncertainty that prevailed in the capital.

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