June 1, 2023

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First congratulations while relaxing to Olaf Scholes in Chancellor costume


16 years after the New Year greetings uttered by Angela Merkel, Germany discovered Olaf Scholes in this role this Friday, December 31st. The Germans would not be surprised. Sober talk highlighting the unity of the country facing a crisis that is already accessible to journalists.

From our correspondent in Berlin, Julian McCassey

This year 2021 has put all of us to the test. With the health crisis, challenges and actions restrict the freedoms it imposes on us, which continues to weigh on the country. But the catastrophic floods in the western part of the country and in Bavaria are unforgettable.

In the tradition of recent months, Olaf Scholes appears in a style very close to the former president. It is certain that German society has proven its ability to cope with crises, thanks to a value: unity. The same value was shown after last summer’s floods claimed the lives of nearly 200 people. ” No matter how dramatic these two crises are, our reaction has a reassuring message: As a society, we in Germany have been able to face these challenges with determination. “, He announced.

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G7’s presidency

Before taking over the leadership of the G7, Olaf Scholz recalled his intentions: ” We will use this presidency to create the G7 as the spearhead of a climate-neutral economy and a just world.

In the G7 presidency, Germany announced its intention to support France in another presidency, which begins this Saturday, January 1, as President of the European Union.

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