May 30, 2023

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“Five Lessons from the Africa-France Summit in Montpellier” (by Thierno Bokum)

1. President Macron The era of African delegates was not appointed by Africans. It begins in the era of state summits involving Africa without representatives of African states. It marks the beginning of an era that transcends the internal democratic processes of African countries leading to the election of elected leaders. It marks the beginning of the era of the absolute attribute of the French legal medal, which places its owner in the position of spokesman for a French president and representative of the African people.

2. President Macron on the one hand gave the image of a united, organized France, which speaks of the single path he has enacted as the legally elected president of the Republic, on the other hand share the image of a divided Africa, without states, without elected officials, looking for solutions in France with raging youth. Moreover, with the intention of getting 25% of the vote in the poll, when 75% of the French themselves applauded that he had been turned away.

3. President Macron decides to strengthen the funding of his civil society in our sovereign countries. He decides to influence our states. He did not spread a vile thought towards Africa and hide it.
In France, foreign funding is being fought over, even though a 1905 law prohibits public funding for religions.

“I no longer want mosques to be opened with hidden funds, I no longer want people to use pilgrimage money to fund anything,” Emmanuel Macron said after taking office as French president. What right does he have as president of a sovereign country.

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Today, it is the same president who decides to unilaterally fund his civil society in our sovereign countries without the involvement of our heads of state.

4. President Macron has taken unilateral decisions without the involvement of the formal leaders of Africa. He decided to go to France and he decided to go to Africa, taking as witnesses the African people and the French immigrants. He wants to use them in Africa as well. In recent times (December 21, 2019) it was decided to switch from CFA Frank to the environment. He referred to African youth as “hearing.” Even if it maintains a stable balance with the euro, this time blaming the will of African presidents. This concern of African youth who did not help French companies was apparently unsatisfactory.

5. The leaders of our countries at the Africa-France Summit in Montpellier are defending the nation and by the decisions taken to this end, without their presence and without their involvement, everything is in question. All of President Macron’s talk of Africa’s independence is falling apart like a house of cards. If our African leaders were free, they would not allow such humiliation to pass.
No youth or French civil society in any part of the world can represent France. No French head of state would accept that decisions relating to France were taken outside France without its representatives and passed in France.

By hosting the summit in Montpellier, President Macron only confirmed France’s heavy hand in the internal affairs of African countries.

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The struggle for complete independence of Africa must continue with conscious and determined youth.
This must be done by improving our domestic democratic processes, by elevating our states to men’s and women’s summits, and by elevating the interests of the African people above all other interests.

Therno bogey
Leader of the AGIR movement