December 10, 2022

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For the mediator of ECOWAS, 5 years will not bring about political change


Goodluck Jonathan, mediator for ECOWAS, was on a visit to deliver a message to Colonel Azimi Koita, head of change from the state leaders of the sub-regional organization. The trip marks a platform ahead of the Extraordinary Summit of ECOWAS Leaders on January 9th.

Meeting between Colonel Azimi Koida, Leader of the Transformation, and Goodluck Jonathan, Representative of ECOWAS; Expected It lasted almost two hours at the Presidential Palace in Coluba. At the end of the meeting, our correspondent in Bamako reported that the former Nigerian president wanted to be as prudent about the discussions as the Malian president, who casually reveals on Twitter the evolution of the political situation in Mali. Gauro Magassa. At the center of the debate, however, was the proposed timeline for extending the change to five years.

During a meeting with Mali’s accredited diplomats and ambassadors to ECOWAS, the proposal was rejected by a majority of people in the room. A rejection was also expressed Through many political parties and associations At the same time arranged a press conference.

To recognized diplomats in Bamako, Goodluck Jonathan made it clear that the five-year political change proposed by the Malian regime would not materialize. A member of the arbitration panel told reporters: ” Five-year change for rulers ? In Nigeria, for example, this is more than the mandate of a democratically elected president “Therefore, the ambassador of the sub-regional agency recommended to these commentators to reconsider the copy, our correspondent in Bamaga briefly said, Serge Daniel. Goodluck Jonathan summed up his thoughts in one sentence: “ The bell rings “. The countdown has begun.

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Five years, the basis for the debate for interim authorities

In view of the extraordinary summit of ECOWAS heads of state, interim officials are playing the diplomatic card to ensure that they explain the priority of implementing reforms as a result of the National Assembly of Reforms before any election. Timeline ” The basis for the debate between the Malians’ preferences and ECOWAS’s demands The Minister of Regional Administration and Foreign Affairs explained during a press conference at Bamako Airport. After C கோte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone, Mali’s representatives will be sent to Algeria, Nigeria and other capitals to pursue this argument.