December 7, 2022

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Former President of Mali Ibrahim Boubacar pays last respects to Qaeda


Mali pays tribute Friday to the former head of state, who was ousted by the military a year and a half ago, shortly after the death of its former president, Ibrahim Boubacar Qaeda. Nearly 2,000 people gathered at his home to say goodbye. Three days of national mourning were declared by the military junta.

Mali, on Friday, January 21, paid his last respects to the former president Ibrahim Bhopal Geeta, This IC, He died this week, a year and a half after being overthrown by the military.

Following that, the military junta, which today supports the majority of the international community, hosted a national funeral at an army camp in Bamako, led by interim Prime Minister Sokuel Gokalla Micah.

Colonel Azimi Koida, one of the leaders of the 2020 coup, has not participated since he took office as head of change.

Assimi “prevented” from attending Koita ceremony

Ibrahim Bhopal Geeta, Died at his home on Sunday at the age of 76, away from public life, and was to be buried in the afternoon in his spacious home after the most famous and private ceremony.

Nearly 2,000 people, including former protesters, gathered at his home to say goodbye to him.

Colonel Koida, who attended the funerals of two other former Mali leaders who died after taking office in 2020, was officially “barred” from attending the official ceremony.

He gathered in front of a coffin covered with the national flag at the arsenal of 34 people.e Military engineering battalion, many dignitaries, including former interim president Dionconda Troy, former ministers, religious figures, diplomats and one of the sons of the deceased, Paupa Keita.

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Guinea was the privileged partner of the Malian military regime in the face of the scenario of a coup in September 2021 and international pressure, sending its foreign minister, Morizanda Gaude.

“Dignity and Patriotism”

On behalf of the former president’s collaborators, Baba Hakib Haider praised him as “a politician open to dialogue.”

“I would say he is a spiritual man, a man of culture, but a man of heart,” said his former health minister, Michael Cdipe. “He always fought for this country. He had strengths and weaknesses, but his characteristics were his dignity and his patriotism, as it is mentioned today.”

The IBK, as he is commonly called, was overthrown by the military on August 18, 2020, justifying the refusal to return power to civilians in the future to justify the evils accumulated in the past after the Second Conspiracy in May 2021.

Beginning in 2013, the presidency coincided largely with the turmoil in Mali since 2012 and the eruption of independence and jihadi uprisings in the north.

Prior to the fall of the IBK, people were mobilized for months by all sorts of violence – jihadists, community or villainy – inaction and a reputation for state bankruptcy and corruption.

The military junta has declared national mourning for the first three days of Friday.

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