March 26, 2023

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Former President’s national funeral “IPK” in Bamako

The festival was a symbol of the summary of events that have rocked Mali over the past eighteen months. This Friday, January 21st, hundreds of players lined up at 34 in the Place de Armse A battalion of military engineers from Bamako covered the coffin of former President Ibrahim Boubak Qaeda (IBK) with the national flag, carrying six men in parade uniforms.

At the end of the black carpet where the body is placed, the current Prime Minister of Change, Souquel Micah, presides over the ceremony without saying a word. In the spring of 2020, IPK was one of the instigators of large-scale mass protests demanding the exit, which would eventually lead to the fall of the latter during the August 18 military coup. He was re-elected in May 2021 to lead the government that came to power the day after the second term.

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He died on January 16 due to a long illnessIbrahim Boubacar Qaeda, who led Mali from 2013 to 2020, was able to see the final tribute paid by the people who forced him to leave power.

Reflection and consensus

But this Friday of national mourning, wiping out the political wars of the past is a question. It is time to say goodbye to meditation and consensus “This big popp bent over now”, “Practical Democrat”, “In the heart of the Republic” And “Cultural Lover” To “Mythical Generosity”, Who said that Mali was there “Attached to the body”.

“He has no bitterness, no hatred for anyone”, At the table, his third son Boubacar Keïta, this father briefly recalls the last weeks of his presidency, after he was forced to retire from political life, “Today he almost begged his authors to help those in Mali’s heavy burden.”.

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To those who overthrew him, IPK, according to his entourage, forgave their gesture. Avoiding public opinion on the national political situation, and “Despite his intense desire to explore his prosperous library, he could not lose interest in Mali’s problems. It crushed him above all else.”Aminata Jeanne Keïta, one of the granddaughters of the former president, underlined in front of a congregation of mainly Mali guests.

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Many shortcomings

The sign of the country’s growing loneliness was marked by the absence of many of the former president’s funerals.

First the delegations of the heads of state of the West African Economic Community (ECOWAS). Despite international pressure, the military junta decided not to withdraw from power as promised after the February 27 election. Mali is banned by its neighbors. In January, following the announcement of a six-and-a-half-year change, the sub-regional body imposed severe sanctions, especially on the economy and finances, against closing the country and its borders. On January 21, only one delegation arrived from Guinea. Like Bamako, Conakry is led by a young colonel, Mamati Dombuya, who overthrew President Alpha Conte in September 2021.

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Internationally, France, the European Union, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, or the United Arab Emirates and China were represented.. “We will retain a great politician and a man very close to France. IBK is a Parisian like me.”French Ambassador to Mali Joel Meyer testified.

Another who did not attend the ceremony was Kareem Qaeda, the eldest son of the former president. The former head of the Security Council of the National Assembly found himself in the summer of 2021. Under arrest warrant He is said to have been involved in the assassination of Mali journalist Brahma Toure, who went missing in 2016. Kareem took refuge in Quito Cote d’Ivoire..