June 1, 2023

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Four companies presented the Cannes Prize for their support

(Belka) The Cannes Prize for “Corporate Host of the Year” is presented Wednesday by Promtia to Attlee Mellons & Djartin. Gresh’s office will receive a coyote for culture, while the original will receive an architectural and engineering heritage. Finally, La Hope’s Nammur liquor store, for its part, won public and engagement awards.

Attlee Mellons & Djartin, an industrial boiler from Lease, differs in their support for many artists by providing financial support, but above all, the skills, “Promdia says.” The Office of Architecture and Engineering has been recognized for its support for the fourth edition of an art culture and its monumental works. The liquor store provides an envelope for local artists, allowing them to have free control over their creative talents. ” In, artists Sam Lalux, Kania Ovali, Mary Paulus, Mehsos, Kirkov were able to display their art in bottles and distribute their work outside the traditional framework of the exhibition. This year, artist Mehsos was honored for his lasting support: the brewery has commissioned a mural that now adorns its walls on the banks of the Muse. Cannes Prizes have been awarded to unique companies each year since 1989 for their sponsorship activities. They are no longer a “simple” trophy, but a special order from an artist from the Wallonia-Brussels federation. This year, it was made by Chaos artist Franois Hyun. (Belka)

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