June 1, 2023

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Franுவாois Hollande pays tribute to “Man of Culture” and “African who is proud of his continent”

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Former Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar, often quoted in his initials IBK, was ousted by the military in 2020 after seven turbulent years in power and died on Sunday at the age of 76. Former French President Franois Hollande paid tribute to him on the antenna of France 24.

Hours after the announcement of the death of Mali’s former president Ibrahim Bhopal Geeta, Sunday, January 16th, Reactions Linked to social networks and magazines.

Former French President Franுவாois Hollande has hailed himself as “an African pride on his continent who has worked in good relations with his colleagues in West Africa.”

Questioned by France 24, the former president of the French Republic also underlined IBK’s vigor in the fight against jihadism in Mali. “I have known Mr. Gita for a long time and we worked together on the activities we started,” he said.

“He is a lover of the French language. […] He was a cultural man, well acquainted with African and French writers, and was able to read poetry, “continued Franுவாois Hollande, who recalled IBK’s deep fascination with the Moliere language. He lived in France for a quarter of a century.

The previous day, one of his family members had announced his death without stating the reason for his disappearance. “President IBK passed away at his home at 9 a.m. today (GMT and local),” he said, retiring from public life and living in the capital.

Malian Public Television announced in a banner that the funeral would be announced “later”.

“A civilized man, a great patriot and a Pan-African”

There was an intense ballet scene of cars of dignitaries who came to pay their respects on Sunday afternoon at the former president’s residence, located southwest of the capital. Police officers guarded the entrances, AFP reporters noted.

In the region, tributes are being paid to the late former president.

The head of Mali’s diplomacy, Abdouli Diop, said he was “saddened to learn of former President Ibrahim Boubacar’s death in Qaeda” and bowed in a message on Twitter “with great emotion in front of his memory”.

Former President of Niger Mohammed Isaf, A comrade of the deceased within the Socialist International, hailed him as “a civilized man, a great patriot and a pan-African.”

The former prime minister, Moussa Mara, spoke to him about a “pleasant creature” who promised to have “good memories of their cooperation” despite “the adventures of his mandate”. Mali politician recognizes “most pronounced human values” in IBK

Ivory President Alasan Ottara expressed his “most heartfelt” condolences to the IPK family and the Malian people in a message posted on Twitter.

Ibrahim Boubakr was ousted from power in Qaeda after months of mobilization among people incited by jihadi, communal or villainous – all forms of violence, bankruptcy of public services and notorious corruption.

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