March 26, 2023

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General Dendere questioned the response to the attack


A second day of interrogation took place this Wednesday for one of the key security officers during the 1987 regime. Civil party lawyers focused on what Gilbert Diander did after the attack on the Contract Council.

With our Special Envoy for the Ouagadougou Military Tribunal, Gaelle Laleix

Commander of the 1st Rapid Intervention Battalion and responsible for the security of the Entent Council; General Dientere According to civil party lawyers, the response to the attack must be streamlined.

At the time I am the audience, The General explained that at that time there were a hundred men under his command to monitor the closure of the Council. They are all members of the CNEC or Koudougou Air Battalion. ” So it was elite , Commented Master Ferdinand Nzepa.

How to explain such inaction during an attack? He asks. The General later explained that these elements were in their post and were waiting for instructions. Such an answer cannot be improved.

Who benefits from crime?

Master Nzepa He then punished the General’s pride: ” You are on an extraordinary journey and have held the highest positions in this country. Even the presidency for a while. Shouldn’t the great General Diander be considered? . ⁇ I guess why ?, Responded by Gilbert Dientere, bBecause I’m General? No I will not .

Gilbert Diendéré’s life consisted of lawyers who were soon after Blaise Compaoré took power. They also asked this simple question: ” Who benefits from crime? », Pointing to the meteorite rise of Gilbert Diendéré, who ends up being the CEO of Blaise Compaoré.

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If you do not benefit from this crime, why not arrest the culprits? , Asked Maitre Ambrose Pharma, lawyer for the Sankara family. ” I am a lieutenant, Faso’s president is dead, what if I arrest my superiors, Blaise Campora and Commander Lincoln? Go to national radio? Do you think I run the country myself? , Gilbert Diendéré finished.

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