October 7, 2022

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Gunfire was heard at two army camps in the capital


The blast of automatic weapons and heavy weapons was heard at General Baba Sai’s camp and Sangole Lamisana camp on Sunday morning. Incidents have also been reported in Gaya and Oahu Koya in the north of the country. We do not yet know the reasons for the shootings, which took place in a tense situation.

Our correspondent in the capital, Burkina Faso, reported this morning that at first there were sporadic shootings and that they gradually became heavier. Yaya Bhutani.

In Gaya, heavy artillery fire was also heard, and in Oahu Koya, residents reportedly opened fire on a camp.

On Saturday, security and local sources said at least two soldiers were killed and several others were injured when a handcart exploded on the axis between Owahikoya and Tidavo (north) as the vehicle carrying the merchants went off. , AFP reported.

Our correspondent reports that there is currently no report on the origin of these scenes. It’s the work of the soldiers, the movement of the men’s mentality, the sources of security, and more precisely without. A senior official told us that there should be people to talk to you to understand what is going on.

In Ouagadougou, in the Sangoulé Lamizana camp is Maca, the house of detention and correctional facilities where military prisoners are detained, in particular. General Deander, The former commander-in-chief of Blaise Compaoré was convicted of plotting to overthrow the regime in 2015.Assassination of former President Thomas Sankara.

Incidents that occur in a tense environment

FromInada attack last November, And the death of about fifty genders, the atmosphere in Burkina became very tense. Despite the changes in the leadership of the armed forces, the people are demanding decisions based on security.

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More than 1.5 million people have been displaced by the attacks. Some civil society organizations are calling for the resignation of President Roche Marc Christian Cabore.

Yesterday, people tried to march in Ovakaduko But the struggles dissipated. Also for a few days, access to social networks, especially Facebook, has been banned, which contributes to tensions in the atmosphere and provoking anger among the people.