December 10, 2022

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“He does not deserve this new opportunity.”

The man whose pig heart was converted is a former offender

David Bennett, 57, who performed heart transplant surgery on a pig in the US state of Maryland last Friday, is outraged. The patient was jailed for several years in 1988 after stabbing a romantic rival. The victim’s sister, as a convict, believes Bennett is ineligible for this medical record.

Leslie Schumacher received a link to an article Monday in Downey that mentions transplant surgery received by David Bennett Sr. “Mom, look at that name,” her daughter sent. Immediately it broke. It is about a man convicted in 1988 of inflicting seven stab wounds on his brother Edward Schumacher at a bar in Maryland.

Wheelchair victim for 19 years

Bennett’s wife, Edward Schumacher, sat on the lap, talking and drinking together. David Bennett saw the redhead and then pulled out a knife to stab the 22-year-old Schumacher in the back, abdomen and chest. The victim escaped the attack, but for 19 years was paralyzed in his lower limbs in a wheelchair and suffered from various medical complications. Schumacher died in 2005, a week before his 41st birthday, two years after suffering a stroke.

Bennett was sentenced to ten years in prison in 1988, but did not serve his full sentence. According to Schumacher’s family, he was released five years later. He would never have paid around 26 26,000. In October last year, Bennett suffered from heart disease. He appeared to have an incurable disease and was selected as the first man to perform artificial pig heart transplant surgery. It happened successfully last Friday.

“My brother didn’t get a second chance in life”

Those close to Ed Schumacher were shocked by the move. “Ed suffered. My family had to go through years of tragedy and trauma. It’s hell,” Leslie explains. Now he has a new opportunity with a new heart. I wanted to go to a patient who deserved this transplant. My brother never got a second chance in life. Ed fought every day for 19 years. No one deserves what he has passed, ”he told The New York Times.

In the United States, this opens the debate: who has the right to benefit from such medical exploitation? More than 106,000 Americans are on the waiting list for organ transplants, and the Washington Post writes that 17 people die each day from not being able to receive this organ. The newspaper says that receiving such medical treatment by an offender may upset the families of their victims.

“Treat everyone who is sick, no matter who they are”

Doctors have denied this. Arthur Kaplan, a professor of biological ethics at New York University, told the Washington Post that “the most important principle of medicine is to treat all who are sick.” “We have no distinction between sinners and saints.”

The University of Maryland Medical Center, which treated Bennett, has refused to disclose whether Bennett’s criminals are aware of the past. Baltimore Hospital, where the transplant took place, says it relies solely on the patient’s medical history. Bennett did not qualify for normal heart transplant surgery due to irregular heartbeat and other problems. Bennett’s son said many hospitals refused to put his father on the waiting list because he did not want to follow the doctors’ requests and did not come for counseling. He also did not take the drug regularly.

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