June 1, 2023

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He rapes his brother’s wife and murders her

The 24-year-old DI young gardener is in the hands of justice. He is accused of raping his older brother’s wife, Elian Savadoko.

On Monday, November 29, 2021, a small camp in Karimgro, affiliated with the former village of Prosciutto in the Department of Wowa (Midwest Ivory Coast) was shaken by an all. Rape case The pursuit of murder. DI, 24-year-old gardener, allegedly raped and murdered.

According to Sawyer Info, which provides this information, a 20-year-old girl named Elian Svatoko is very beautiful. A rare bird, as we speak. When Karimgro’s young boys meet her, they can’t help but look at her. But they cannot approach her just because she is married. But DI only has eyes for his sister-in-law, his older brother’s wife, and he cares about her. He usually gives her soft eyes, but Alien does not allow himself to be hurt, without warning her husband’s little brother.

DI unfortunately did not move. He continues his pace and takes another step in his approach technique by offering prizes that Savadogo Alien constantly rejects. We were there on Monday, November 29, 2021, when we went to the Elian DI garden to pick oranges. She signed her death warrant without her knowledge.

Meanwhile, the DI, noticing the absence of his sister-in-law in the camp, tries to find out where she is. He learns that she has gone to the orange orchard which is her property. This is a boon for young growers. He does not waste a single second. He rushes straight to his garden armed with a knife, where his sister-in-law surprises him by actually picking oranges.

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Against all odds, he orders his brother’s wife to take off her clothes, otherwise he will become his butcher. To show that he is not joking, he shows his knife, whose blade glows in the sunlight. Frightened and trembling, the woman obeyed. Other than that, she had no choice. DI finally has the treasure in front of him. He has his nephew on many occasions. The woman’s tears and her pleas further excite the sexually disturbed.

Satisfied with her burning libido, DI imagines what her sister-in-law will say to her older brother in the camp and decides to calm her down forever. He then attacked the teenager with a knife. Not only that. To make sure she was not awake The gardener killed the woman Of his elder brother.

Before disappearing into the woods, he regrets returning to camp to inform his parents about his crime. Upon receiving the information, geologists from Wowa, who were patrolling the area, reported that they had been deported to the scene and used. After that, they ended up following the alleged killer …Read more here