December 10, 2022

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ICC seeks UN financial assistance to investigate Libya and Darfur


The attorney general of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday, November 23, issued a new progress report on his trial in Libya. Earlier in the day, Kareem Khan called on the United Nations Security Council in New York to work with members of the Security Council.

With our correspondent in The Hague, Stephanie Moubas

The lawyer said ” A call To the Security Council to fund investigations into Darfur and Libya. Unlike other ICC cases, both cases were taken to court by the UN in 2005 and 2011.

Kareem Khan, who has been in office for only six months, has not issued any firm announcement. For ten years, the court conducted hearings in all directions, without really any success. There were no arrest warrants, including that Saif al-Islam targeted Gaddafi. Presidential candidate in December, Not yet implemented.

But the prosecutor did not only investigate the 2011 crackdown. Just hours before its report, three voluntary organizations, including FIDH, condemned the crimes against humanity committed by Libyans against immigrants. All three organizations condemned the EU’s migration policy, but with caution.

In New York, Libya’s representative asked a lawyer not to target only Libyans on immigration issues. ” We all know that human trafficking and kidnapping are transnational crimes “, He announced.

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