July 1, 2022

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If not “hired” by Wagner, the EU will resume Foga’s training


This was announced by the Director General of EU Military Personnel, Vice Admiral Herv Bleijin, who visited Bangui on Thursday, February 3rd. Brussels has decided to suspend training for Central African players since mid-December because “ Wagner’s mercenary control over the armed forces “From the country.

With our correspondent in Bangui, Carol Valet

The European anthem sounds inside the camp mona. In Bangui, France yesterday handed over the command of the European military training mission to Belgium.

The EU banner goes from one hand to the other every six months. But from mid-December, the training of Central African players was suspended.

They are mercenaries

The EU can no longer buy training units hired by Wagner. Vice Admiral Herv Bligen attacked the EU Director General of Public Service. The 2 The 500 Wagner mercenaries could not join Russian sovereign forces, not only certain Russians but also those of other nationalities. They are mercenaries and it is so easy. Furthermore, I would like to remind you that the Russian Penal Code prohibits the employment and creation of private military enterprises by mercenaries. So there is a real ambiguity.

In RCA, As in Mali, Russia’s growing influence is causing tensions with Western countries. Members of this private Russian military organization, which is based in several African countries, have been accused of serious human rights abuses, particularly by the UN.

National Security Program

Training will resume only under certain conditions, Vice Admiral Bliss continues: ” The first condition is that the units we teach are not employed by Wagner, but are used within the sovereign framework of employment of the National Armed Forces. The second is to have a coherent and consistent national security plan.

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In six years, EUTM has coached several thousand Central African soldiers. About 70 instructors have already left the country. More than a hundred men are now focusing on strategic advice.

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