February 2, 2023

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If Wagner had not been Russian, the reactions would have been different

From this sixth edition of the Dakar Forum, Aimed at an open space for discussions on security issues, General Babakar Kaye left with satisfaction. The former commander-in-chief of the Senegalese army, an experienced soldier with a background in peacekeeping operations, regularly attends events and conferences on joint security, and is pleased to see that state leaders have “set the tone.” Meeting.

From the speech of Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, Who bluntly condemned the “excess” of European countries on the issue of vaccines against Govt-19, In the opinion of his Nigerian counterpart Mohammad Basum in the fight against terrorism, the forum allowed African leaders to express themselves about the health and safety situation on the continent. Former President of Minusca Moussa Faki Mahamat, the leader of the African Union, also called for the abolition of the peace process as “outdated”.

Saint-Syrian answered the questions within hours of the meeting ending Young Africa Central themes of the continent’s security messages.

Jeune Afrique: During the Dakar Forum, several heads of state reaffirmed the need for African nations to redefine their relations with their allies. Is there a way for events like this?

Babagarh Gaye: Absolutely. Asking for redefinition of discussions is the first step to confirming one’s identity. Unfortunately, we are often in the situation of applicants, but we want to play a very important role in solving the problems we live in.

Florence Barley, Minister of the French Armed Forces, did not fail to remind us that Paris takes a very negative view. Possible presence of Russian mercenaries from Wagner in the region. Do African countries have the right to diversify their partners?

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States have, or should have the option, to choose their partners. Each country can define its strategic choices, if they are appropriate. Unfortunately, this is usually determined by experience. Corn No one can tell Mali what to do. Obviously, the reactions would not have been the same if this private company had not been a Russian company. It is unfortunate to see Africa once again playing a strategic role in an unnamed Cold War. However, it is unfortunate that a state has been reduced to the level of having to call a private security company. The real drama is here.

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