December 10, 2022

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In Burkina Faso, anger is mounting after the deadly attack on Inata’s post

In Burkina Faso, on Sunday, November 14, anger erupted in the streets and camps following the attack on the Gendermary station in Inata, in the north of the country. According to security sources, 53 people – 49 gendarmes and 4 civilians – were killed by militants of Ansarul Islam, a terrorist group close to the pro-Islam and pro-Islam group (GSIM, al-Qaeda affiliated). Revised upwards on Wednesday by the Burkina Faso government. Although about fifty people were missing on Thursday, it could still grow heavy.

Since the jihadist expansion in northern Burkina Faso began in 2016, security and security forces have never been so damaged. On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters stormed several cities across the country to protest the government’s failure to curb terrorism, with some demanding the ouster of President Roche Marc Christiane, who has been in power since late 2015. Re-elected at the end of 2020.

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The French army in Burkina Faso was also the target of protests by special forces of Operation “Saber”. Thus, on the night of November 17 to 18, dozens of Burkina Faso detained a convoy of French troops passing through Bobo-Diolaso ​​and Wagadou for several hours.

Hungry gentrification

But the anger is mainly against the authorities. Six years after the violence began, “We have more 2,000 people died, 1.5 million were displaced and 4,000 schools were closed, Lists Marcel Toncono as part of the people’s movement to save Burkina Faso. Our country is becoming a no-man’s land. We are tired of being assassinated without government action. We challenged him, in vain. Today we are compelled to call for civil non-cooperation.

His organization, the site of more than 200 associations formed in 2021, began calling for a general mobilization on November 27th. The demonstration, which was supposed to be attended by many opposition activists such as the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP), is the former party of former President Blaise Campora.

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Achilles Tapshoba, the party’s first vice-president, invites the executive to pack up: “Our soldiers have not even been given ammunition and food, their bonuses have not been paid, while tens of thousands of CFA francs have been released to strengthen security. Looting and hijacking can no longer continue.”

In Inada’s post, Genders starved and weakened. “For two weeks, the factions have been killing and eating animals.”, Warned their boss in a message sent to public servants on November 12, asking for approval to leave the post. The gentry in charge refused to move forward without additional support (air and armor). Support that the military hierarchy did not provide for them.

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Two days later, it was attacked by an enemy who had long ago planned its attack. Dozens of men armed with Kalashnikovs, some on motorcycles and others in heavy-duty pick-ups, stormed the camp and set fire to about 150 genders on duty.

In an effort to pacify the spirits, President Gabor announced on Wednesday that he would reinstate the commander of the Northern Command and the first Gender Mary region force. There should also be a High National Security Council “Called as soon as possible to calculate all malfunctions and take necessary action”, “he said. He insisted.

“Power is back on the wall”

But the president’s promises did not weigh heavily on the bitterness of the people and the military. In June and July, the chief executive was already trying to ease tensions, with thousands of Burkina Faso taking to the streets in the Northeast following the massacre in Solhan that killed at least 160 people. The Ministers of Defense and Defense have been sacked and the Prime Minister a “Internal restructuring of all structures responsible for safety and security”.

Six months later, “Nothing has changed”, Mahmoud Savadoko is an independent expert on security issues. “In the future, it will be difficult for the authorities to ensure that soldiers continue to sacrifice themselves. We are at a turning point. Power is behind the wall ”, This ex-gender analyzes and fears riots in Farax, which may be triggered by increasingly strong popular discontent.

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In the north, jihadists continue to exert pressure. On November 15, the day after the attack on Inata, a bomb exploded a few kilometers away, injuring several people and leaving some dead, according to security sources. In the northern province of Zondoma, gunmen looted schools in two villages and demanded that they be closed on Wednesday.

Security and politically, Roche is aware that Capor’s regime is subject to instability. To what point? The level of participation in the march on November 27 will serve as an indicator. According to our sources, in the capital, Ouagadougou, an already fortified security system has been put in place around some strategic locations and buildings.