July 5, 2022

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In Chile, who heads the Constituent Assembly?

After more than 19 hours of debate and voting until midnight on Tuesday, January 4, elected officials failed to accept a name. It is a question of who will lead the discussions for the last six months of the work of this Constituent Assembly, which is responsible for proposing a speech to replace the current constitution derived from the dictatorship of General Pinochet. On the campus of the former Congress Santiago, where the Constituent Assembly sits, the day began in a hopeful atmosphere. But after eight consecutive votes, the electorate (s) had to face the facts: no name collected 50% of the vote and no agreement could be found for now.

At two in the morning Chilean time, one of the favorites, microbiologist Christina Dorador, moved into sight and withdrew her candidacy. The referendum begins again on Wednesday, January 5, but it is difficult to say who will eventually win the presidency and then the vice presidents.

Social movements and feminists want to see a woman again as chair of the Constituent Assembly. The Left has a majority, but it is fragmented, and each group wants to secure the support of others instead of the Vice President or seven Assistant Vice President positions before voting for one.

The only guarantee is that gender equality will be respected and that two positions will be allotted to the tribal people.

Voting may resume in the evening. The first clauses of the new constitution will be adopted from next month. The new text should be ready by July, after which it will be submitted to the vote.

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