March 26, 2023

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In Conakry, Bissau-Guinea President Umar Sissoko Embale supports good relations

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Guinea-Bissau President Umar Sissoko Embale on Wednesday, October 20, set foot in Conakry, Guinea. Despite the sanctions imposed by ECOWAS against Alpha Conte on September 5, in an interview aired on Saturday 16 October, he announced a visit to the RFI.

Red carpet and honors as he arrives in Conakry. Umaro Sisoko Embale called him on Wednesday, October 20th. younger brother : The leader of the Guinean change, Colonel Mamati Dumbboya. September 5 Revolution Opens a new chapter in the relationship between Conakry and Bissau.

Umar Cisco Embale says: ” Alpha Conte and I do not love each other. Bissau-Guinean marked his opposition to the third term of his Guinean counterpart and supported his rival Cello Tallinn Diallo.

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Previously, Umar Sissoko Embale did not digest Alpha Conte’s mediation in Guinea-Bissau on behalf of ECOWAS in 2017. He was accused of defending his enemy at that time. Despite this, Umar Sisoko promises that Embale is not happy with the plot.

However, he says he was one of the first leaders to speak on the phone Colonel Tumbuya, Denis Sasso-Nakuzo from Congo promised to send him a message and was very worried about his friend’s fate Alpha Conte, And is offered to host him at Brazzaville.

President Umar Sissoko Embale Visits Conakry: Listen to Our Correspondent in Conakry


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