February 2, 2023

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In Sahel, the convoy of the French army in the face of popular anger

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On November 20, 2021, Burkina Faso military officers patrol near a French armored vehicle parked in Gaya.

They arrived in Cao on Sunday, November 28th. Mali, Certainly more tired than usual but above all Sahel was confused about the difficulties of France and the meaning of their work. They passed in two weeks of a trip Ivory Coast, தி Burkina Faso, The Niger And Mali, the more than a hundred soldiers of the “Barcane” operation, undertook the task of taking a normal supply convoy, both of whom were able to appreciate how many foreigners were involved in the region and its problems. Deeply angered by the objects of fantasies triggered by social networks and the inability to prevent the security situation there from deteriorating.

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In the small town of Terra in western Niger, Saturday morning, the Invictives, cry “Below France! “, It has become a tragic incident that dams like tires, trees, pieces of concrete have marked their journey for several days. After throwing stones that wounded two civilian drivers of the convoy, protesters, numbering in the thousands, climbed into trucks and tried to set fire to some, according to military personnel. “Ground bombs” Carried out later, recognizing the French army not yet responsible for those killed or wounded.


Nigerian Interior Minister Al-Qaeda said on the day of the incident that an investigation had been launched. “In an attempt to free herself, she [sans indiquer s’il s’agissait de la force « Barkhane » ou de l’escorte de gendarmes locaux] Used force, unfortunately killing two people and injuring eighteen, eleven of them seriously. ” A third person was injured and several sources in Niamey say the minister was transferred after being transferred on Monday. “This violence was pre-planned”, Mohammed promises to be a relative of Basum, the head of state and certainly the best lawyer in the Sahel in Paris.

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On Friday, as Terra was preparing to block a convoy of vehicles from Burkina Faso, the Nigerian president expressed his gratitude to the French soldiers. “Campaign against them”. “Of all the countries that are committed to our side in the war on terror, France is the one that makes the most sacrifices. 53 French youths die in Mali ”, He greeted before this prediction, which is a question for regional players: “I, the day the French pack their bags in Cao, I hope it’s confusing!” The people of Cao know it anyway. “

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Only, “People here do not follow this line”, Idrissa Soumana, the former first deputy mayor of Dera and now the councilor of the region of Tillabury, who suffered the most from the series of assassinations that struck Niger, is being corrected. According to several organizations, about 600 Nigerians, mostly civilians, have been killed in jihadist attacks since the beginning of this year. “When they asked from the social networks of the dams in Kaya [au Burkina Faso], Terra’s children wanted to follow them because they also believed that the French were providing jihadists. He reports.

Confidence crisis among young people

The wave of protests in Niger was the result of a meltdown that burned in Burkina Faso on November 16, two days ago with the massacre of 57 people, including 53 genders in Inata, which is said to be the cause of Ansarul Islam by security sources. The group closest to the Support Group for Islam and Muslims is the Al-Qaeda branch in Sahel. In Bobo-Dioulasso, Ouagadougou and especially in Gaya, at least four protesters were wounded by bullets, unable to reaffirm whether the firing came from French weapons.

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“Is France supplying weapons to jihadists? We think this is possible. “ Roland Payala, spokesman for the Coalition of African Patriots in Burkina Faso, fearlessly declares conspiracy allegations. “She betrayed us. It is cooperating with our military, which has complained that it has no weapons. France has failed in its duty and we have no confidence in its cooperation.” He is ready to hammer out anyone who is at the spearheads of this mobilization and open the doors “Everyone who can guarantee peace” And who claims the right “Close collaboration” The movement in Mali, along with Yerovolo, is fighting for its withdrawal from France and Russian military intervention.

In Ouagadougou, if the protesters see the diversionary maneuvers of some power circles behind these protests and are trying to use the old distrust of France to protect themselves from popular anger, there is no doubt that in the current context, this French anti-flame is heating the heart. Of Moscow. In Paris, military personnel are keen to reduce the scope of the incident and say they are investigating “Different options for the next convoy. no worry”.