May 30, 2023

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In the Central African Republic, the Presidential Guard fires at peacekeepers

Ten unarmed Egyptian peacekeepers from the United Nations embassy in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) were wounded on Monday.There is The UN Security Council on Tuesday condemned the shooting of their bus in Bangkok in November. “A deliberate and unspeakable attack”.

In response to the services of President Faustin-Archange Touadéra, Egyptian soldiers were accused of taking photos of the banned head of state’s home and refusing to park their vehicle. 12-year-old girl killed in minibus collision “On their plane”, According to the President.

“Elements of the Egyptian police force”Bus passengers, “Although they were unarmed, there was heavy firing from the Presidential Guard without any warning or response.”, In a statement to the UN. Two of them were seriously injured.

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12,000 peacekeepers in the country

Minusca soldiers patrolling the road leading to Tamara (Central African Republic) in January 2021.

The Central African Republic, rated the world’s second least developed country by the UN, was plunged into a bloody civil war after the 2013 coup. The conflict continues, but has intensified significantly over the past three years. If the whole of the factions continue to escape from the central authority.

La Minusca, hired in 2014 and whose mandate expires on November 15, has nearly 12,000 soldiers and is one of the most expensive UN peacekeeping operations with an annual budget of more than $ 1 billion.

The Egyptians came to Bangui Airport from time to time as part of a troop rotation. They were going to their base in clearly marked buses. “With UN initials”According to Minuska’s spokesman Vladimir Montiro.

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Three of the group’s four buses, Mr. They entered the Egyptian base 500 meters from Tudora’s home, as promised by Agency France-Presse (AFP) spokesman Albert Yalok Mokbeme. “But goes to the residence of the fourth head of state”, According to him. Presidential Guard Their “Return gestures”, What they do, but one of the passengers “He takes his camera and takes pictures of the head of state’s residence, which is strictly prohibited.”, The speaker added.

Repeated “hostile incidents”

“After refusing to comply, the guard fired warning grenades, and it turns out that these shots were wounded.”, Mr. Mokpeme continued, blaming the driver of the vehicle “A 12-year-old girl was seriously injured (…) On their plane “. The bus departed after the shooting “Beat the woman who lost her life”, Minuska was announced for its part.

“Press Release [de la Minusca] Finally the President talks about the “attack” of the guard, “shooter without warning”., (…) I am pleasantly surprised. What is Minusca playing? “, Mr. Mokpeme protested.

In mid-October, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres denounced it “Hostile incidents” Targets and involves peacekeepers “Security and security forces are stationed on both sides”, Continued on “Unacceptable condition”. Mr. Guterres had complained to Bangui “Concrete Activities” We need to put an end to these acts “War crimes likely to occur”.

The UN has registered seven attacks targeting Minusca members and 18 road harassment cases by the National Guard.There is June and 1There is October.

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Mr. Tudora ordered October 15 A “unilateral ceasefire” Its military and its allies – especially Russian paramilitary forces – to promote the immediate start of a national dialogue in their war against the rebels.

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In December 2020, part of the armed groups that occupied more than two-thirds of the country, Mr. Tudora launched an offensive to prevent re-election. The latter appealed to Moscow and Kigali, who sent hundreds of Russian paramilitary and Rwandan soldiers to rescue an unsupported Central African army.

Thanks mainly to the support of the Russians and Rwandans, it recaptured all the major cities and pushed the rebels back into the jungle. But the latter have stepped up stealth attacks in recent weeks far from the capital, Bangui.

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