August 13, 2022

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in the corridor of the Russian Federation

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Ils étaient nombreux à en rover in Russie. This is an objectifs of the Kremlin appeals to the military militia: the creator of a series of territorial entries called the Donbass and the Criminal. C’est fait et surtout, Mos veou veut aussi envoyer ce message: cest irréversible.

The most notable spice in the Donbass and Crime,

The traveler failed to find Russeau, Rostov, in Russie, Simferopol, in Crimea. The first étape, near Marioupol, and his port are 21 avril dernier, in Russie.

The fruit of the vagueness and the crisp mouettes of the Pontificate dynasty for the Lartellei pilon touches Azovstal. Lusine is the quest for a few kilometers, almost every mile in the river. The fumée qui s’n dégage est visible depus bateaux encore amarrés au port. The commandment of the military millennial Ukrainian, the Donbass, is the fruit, the two southeasterns, the coulis and minus, the desat solders. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

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Un group plongeurs daimineurs travaille at this moment on the zone maritime du port, and the deuxième group dmine la zone portuaire. He lheure actuelle, l’limination des mines is in course. Here are the mines on jetée. The neutralization of firearms and bombs is as simple as that and stock. Plus, you’ll be an empowerment and you’ll be on the lookout Exp, explicit colonel de l’armée russe, Sergey Alexandrovich.

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Domineers and soldiers patrol on a port site vide. Wagons and cargison minerai abandonnés, grues qui balance balanced in vent, et en surplomb, hauts de bizieurs dicaines mitres, gigantesques silos blé, vides, dsormais initiles. Lin dieux a été très visibly transper per par tir. This is my favorite pastime – I’m very fond of longtamps – and I’m the only donor in the D-lai- who’s part of the Procaine Ricolts in this totte zone of Longe la mer d’Azov. Awesome trousers russes on long route, on pouvait voir ces derniires heures, champs de colza jaune iclatant, du blé à fourrage, pommiers et cerisiers en fleur.

Tout est dsormais calme

Comment on the pass-t-il dans territoires o l’armie russe est arrivie ces dernieris semaines? À Berdiansk or à Melitopol, where are the contests and demonstrations on this lie? D Berdiansk like à Melitopol, the message envoyé l’armée russe, cest «tout est dsormais calme et sos notre contrle.

À Berdiansk, the presidency of the invitee à la reprise des mariages for l’administration «militaro-civile de transition», c’est le utilisé. The nouveau maire pronounces vix vox 6 jeunes couple Chers jeunes mariés, aujourd’hui is one of the most recent dice in vies. Aujourdhuhi, your family is now. Puissiez – your souvenir for the first day of your rest and your bonnet, your joie and a foyer and a maison

This is a normalization of the workforce, but it will enable our assistance and distribution of humanitarian assistance. Elle accueille, cest vrai, nombreux évacués de Marioupol, mais surtout, elle divend pour ses approvings notam Zaporijjiatouching your contrôle ukrainien.

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Un commerce tours versus Russie

But in the case of Russie, Russie’s toto façon désormais bien la main sur ces territoires. The Internet is the most stable, but most ruble commemorating à circuits à Melitopol, and surtout, the new maire, Galina Danilchenko Viktorovna, a projeet for ville, and a new orientation total touring tour of Russie.

Après 2014, the economics and commerce of our diets, our avions of moins and livelihoods in livelihoods in Russie, biorloric et al Kazakhstan, nos principaux march cibles. Always queens up, these hommes dafaires are the preferences in these libraries: the most relevant contacts, fonts offers and attendees whose systems recommend paimment on function. We’m going to recompile you for freeing our live streams », Dit-elle.

You’re now on the front line of the route entre Melitopol and the Crimée, in the Rruitgulièrement bruit assorted avions and des Helicopters. Des bases milirates part of the line that is more and more, the rnnfortss r lsm pour russe continuously l’offensive on the Donbass.

► For the report, Anissa El Jabri accompanied L’Ramse Russe.