February 2, 2023

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In the face of climate change, the recession of economies and regions is becoming a priority

A new partnership agreement has been signed between the French Development Agency (AFD) and Sahara and the Sahel Monitor (OSS) to promote the dissemination of knowledge and good practices in protecting ecosystems in Africa.

The Maghreb-Sahel mold, which has a naturally dry or semi-arid climate, is already experiencing the effects of climate change, namely extreme water pressure, declining agricultural yields and increasing frequency and intensity of extreme events. Considered a “climate hot spot” by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the region is experiencing higher-than-average global warming. Due to the limited availability of water resources, strong population growth and dependence on the agricultural sector, there are a number of impacts that have been observed and expected in particularly vulnerable areas. They significantly affect vulnerable people, especially women in rural areas.

The Agencies Franchise Development (AFD) Group places the recession of economies and regions at the center of its strategic priorities in Africa and seeks to continue and strengthen its interventions in support of the protection of ecosystems and resources.

For these reasons, the AFD and the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS), a Tunisian-based intergovernmental organization based in Africa and experts in these themes, have decided to further strengthen their co-operation by signing an ambitious agreement. Collective bargaining agreement on the following themes:

  • The degradation of ecosystems in Africa, both Sahel and Maghreb and stresses, both anthropological and climatic, affect them;
  • Links between environmental degradation, migration, and socio-economic impacts on the population dependent on these ecosystems;
  • The key role of adaptation to climate change in environmental restoration.
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This partnership aims to disseminate knowledge and organize events and advocacy activities on themes shared by the visions of both organizations and highlighted in their respective strategies.

Specifically, various summaries and advocacy notes and documentaries will be produced based on the research work of the two organizations on the theme of the partnership. Related research and scientific works will provide greater visibility among decision makers and the general public.

In addition, many events or “side events” will be organized in connection with these lessons on the sidelines of the major “milestones” of the international agenda 2022: especially the Dakar Water Forum (March 2022), scheduled for COP 27. Egypt at the end of 2022, various events organized by the OSS Board of Directors in Egypt (March 2022) as well as the 30th anniversary of the organization.

Quoted by Mathieu Vasseur, Regional Director, AFD North Africa:

“ChallengesWater access, protection of ecosystems and the fight against climate change are at the heart of the AFD Group’s regional strategy in Africa.

With the watchful eye of Sahel and Sahara, a leading regional player in these themes, we are pleased to coordinate our links through this partnership.

This partnership will enable us to strengthen exchanges between our two companies on these shared issues. Disseminate positive knowledge, good practices and innovative solutions to achieve sustainable development goals. “

Mr. Sahara and the Executive Secretary of the Sahel Laboratory. Quote from Nabil Ben Kadra:

Through this new partnership, we strengthen our cooperation with the French Development Agency around key themes for both our companies. Assessing the status of ecosystems in Africa is, above all, questioning the various possibilities for protecting and preserving them. It is possible to put together dangerous observations about Africa’s climate in relation to the knowledge of the land, stocks and uniqueness of the countries that have developed OSS expertise, and together, to propose real solutions. , Achievable, immediate and effective. “