December 10, 2022

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Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin share warnings


This is the second phone conversation between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in a month. On Thursday evening, December 30, the Russian and US presidents spent almost an hour on the phone to clear up the particularly tense international environment around Ukraine.

The White House was pleased to broadcast the photo of the interview: Joe Biden, earphone, hand pen, installed in the cozy atmosphere of his office while on the mahogany panel at his home in Wilmington, USA. Spends his vacation with our correspondent in Miami, David Thompson. The White House said the interview, which was conducted at the request of Vladimir Putin, lasted 50 minutes.

Like the first phone call in early December, this second call is aimed at activating Washington. “ Diplomatic Channel To get rid of the crisis created by the deployment of tens of thousands of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border for two months. No diplomatic progress is needed. ” Mitigation “In Ukraine, Pitani begged Putin

Vladimir Putin, the White House’s tenant, has made it clear that the United States and its allies will respond. The sure way If Russia decides to invade Ukraine further. Joe Biden has warned that the United States will closely monitor the movement of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.

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The Kremlin was “satisfied” with the interview

For his part, Vladimir Putin said to himself ” Satisfaction In his phone interview with Joe Biden, the Kremlin said. Discussion ” Ownership “And” Concrete Kremlin’s embassy adviser Yuri Ushakov told reporters. He said the United States had expressed its desire to address Russia’s key concerns.

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But the Kremlin “wants” results in its demands. Guarantee “Security. As the Russian-US talks in Geneva approach on January 10, Moscow has repeatedly stated that negotiations on two agreements that will redefine Europe’s balance and security structure will be paramount.

According to Vladimir Putin, Russia’s security extends to blocking any NATO expansion and ending Western military operations near Russia’s borders, which Moscow considers to fall within its sphere of influence.

“Big Error”

US sanctions against Moscow ” Great mistake , Vladimir Putin warned and could lead to a complete breakdown in bilateral relations.

In an earlier telephone interview between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in early December, the US president threatened his Russian ally with “unseen” sanctions during the attack on Ukraine. But the White House tenant may have once again reminded his Russian envoy of the possibility of unprecedented sanctions against Russia and himself if he dares to cross the Red Fort.

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Diplomacy will reclaim its rights

Our correspondent in Moscow analyzes that this is a sign that the conversation took place. Jean Casey. After weeks of verbal escalation and thin threats that raised fears of an open war between Russia and Ukraine, it is a sign that diplomacy will resume its rights.

A few days ago, part of the Russian forces stationed on the border with Ukraine returned to their forces. Following the Russia-US summit on January 10, the Russia-NATO summit is scheduled for the 12th and then the Russia-OSCE 13th.

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It remains to be seen whether this diplomatic marathon will resolve the deep conflict that has provoked the crisis: Russia, concerned over Ukraine’s approach to NATO, is demanding a guarantee that it will not further expand its Atlantic alliance. Takes place in Eastern Europe. The United States did not want or did not fulfill this promise. Two policy positions that are difficult to reconcile. But Russia, if not satisfied, does not refuse to seek military force.

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