March 25, 2023

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La Russie announces a new case-of-fact for livacation des civils des villes ukraininnes

AA / Moscou / Ali Cura

La Russie announces a new case-by-case for the Civils of Villes Ukrainians in Kiev, Kharkiv, Tchernihiv, Soumy et Marioupol with 10 hares, here in Moscow (7h00 GMT), mardi.

The Guerrero Circular on the Russian contour of the 24th anniversary of the conquest of the Communion International, the intercontinental financier of the Concentration of Mosquito and provocative l’Exode internationals in Russie. L’Occident is a law enforcing restrictions draconiennes à l’exportation de technologies class qu’il dsormais interdit d’nvoyer en russie.

Selon les nations Unies, a moins 406 civils ontu tus and 801 autras bless in Ukraine depui le dabut de la guerre. Mais l’organisme international at anyway conditions in the train “on diffile verification” in the number of victories civiles.

Plus more than 1.7 million people on the google fuse against all voices, just like Agence des Nations Unies for less reviews.

* Trade de l’Anglais by Mourad Belhaj

Selement a part of the dichês, which l’Agence Anadolu diffuse ses abonnés via the Diffusion interne (HAS) system, diffusée sur l’AA, de maniere résumée. Contactz we have yours for your page.

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