March 22, 2023

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La Russie restreint l’accès à News.Google

In the Publi:

Moscou (AFP) – The regulator russe des médias (Roskomnadzor) a restraint l’accès au service en ligne News.Google, access fournir l’accès “” fausses “information on l’offensive russe in Ukraine, on races merseredi agres.

This decision is a very important demand in the Parquet General Russe, a communication center in Roskomnadzor, along with many other places.

The service’s dualities in the form of ‘Assurate l’Accas’s nombreuses publications and matriaux’s contents’ contacts ‘(‘) on the d’Orulementation militeire spiciale on territorial ukrasini’s, sign in.

Contact for AFP, Google confirms that “certain people find it difficult to access the application and web site Google Google Activities in Russie and that’s all my probing techniques in Not Cté”.

“We will travel through the services of News transformation as News soient accessible to people in Russie’s longtempts that are possible”, a group of souls.

Deposit the Lintervention Russe in Ukraine in 24 Fivier, the Powwow Russe conservable refresh information available on the Internet, in the Derniers spaces diexpress libre in pays.

The most famous media russes and rangtrangers, dont la BBC, ont interdits daaccès and rsauaux sociaux amricans Facebook and Instagram été diclarés “extrémistes” for a tribunal moscovite.

L’accès à Twitter and également été restreint.

At the same time, Roskomnadzor avait accusé le gant amricain Google et son service video youtube activism “terrorists”, premier étape vers a possible blocage.

The autobiography on parallax introduces mars deux novels infractions pinals: lune pour la diffusion d’informations “discréditant” l’armée russe et l’autre pour diffusion d’informations “mensongères” sur trousse russes.

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This is the first infraction of the Pines or Jusquin’s Queen’s prison and inquisitive participle against opponents and media’s addicts, who created cryptocurrencies for the sake of self-defense.