December 10, 2022

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Liberia: Two men have been arrested for killing elephants

Two men have been arrested in northern Liberia for killing two elephants, a national park official said Monday as the government tries to protect the species.

John Flomo, Chairman of the National Forest Park Vologism, Told AFP The corpses of two elephants Discovered by them Security is still intact In North Lofa County earlier this month. Police arrested two people over the weekend on suspicion of killing the elephants, he said. A third suspect is in custody. “All animals in the park are protected by law, and anyone who kills them must face the law.”, Said John Flomo.

With expansions of virgin tropical forests, The Liberia Several hundred housesWild elephantsD. Is the race Threat of extinction, படி ‘International Union for Conservation of Nature, Habitat is gradually declining and Hunting for ivory And this Shrub meat.

The government of this country of five million people is also a National Plan For elephants in 2017. But conflicts between humans and elephants, including poaching, continue.

Little is known about Liberian wild elephants, but a survey released this year by a voluntary charity Elephant research and conservation (ELRECO) estimates that there are 350 to 400 remaining in the country. Liberia seeks to protect animals Penalty Anyone caught while hunting Security areas.

In 2019, Liberian police arrested a man accused of killing four elephants in a protected southeastern rainforest. The Conflicts Often induced Hungry elephants Crop plunderers, explained Tina Vogt of Elrego.

Liberia is still recovering Civil wars Continually 1989 to 2003 It killed 250,000 Ebola epidemic From 2014 to 2016 in West Africa, 4,800 people were killed in the country.

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