December 7, 2022

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L’ONU, la Turquie adopt dornovant son nom turc “Türkiye”

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Ankara demand mercredi aux Nations unies à ne plus appetre appeals “Turquie” in français and surtout “Turkey” in English, which signifies “dinde”, and can not revise a connotation navigative. Jeudi, lONU a confirm this change with all effective results.

Aux Nations unies, la Turquie The fastest official office appeals in all the local languages ​​in the “Torkiye” and non-Turkish “Tropic Connotis English, a voluptuous du Receipt Tayyip Erdogan, announcing l’ONU jeudi 2 jujin.

“The change is immortal”, an indifferent FP l’AFP Stéphane Dujarric, porte-parole du secrtaire general de l’ONU Antonio Guterres. The diplomacy of the Courier’s Courier’s Official in the United States of America’s New York merchandise 1er juin’s is the official exchange of nom de la Turquie.

Mardi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mevlüt Cavasoglu’s Affiteé on son compte Twitter, is the only authorized addressee to submit the GNORAL DAY and RCLAMON quote the number of’s ‘, and the number of’s’, and most, the most, the most, the most. comme ‘Türkiye’ “.

Ankara demand ainsi à ne plus appetre appeals “Turquie” in français and on the site “Turkey” in English, which signifies “dinde”, and which means dont revive a connotation nagative.

“Sauvegarde du respect international”

The Chief of Staff’s Touch of Fight Rifles in his tweet’s President Erdogan’s Volume 2021, ” Comment on the value of the mark in Notre Dame ”. De fait, en matire éeconomic, Ankara souhaite depuis quelques années imposer à linternational la mark “made in Türkiye” aux dipens de “made in Turkey”.

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“Certains finds the change of nom idiot, but nowhere Erdogan dans rle du protecteur et de sauvegarde du respect international à l’gard du pays”, analyst Mustafa Aksakal, professor d’histoire à liniversité Georgetown de Washington, cité jeudi par in the New York Times.

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