May 30, 2023

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Mali: Burgane relocation from Kidal site

French civil servants said Tuesday morning that the Burgundy force had begun the final phase of converting the Kidal base in northern Mali to the United Nations (MINUSMA).

The last logistics force left for Cao this morning. A division from Parganas will be on site for the final administrative and logistics procedures. “, Staff spokesman, Colonel noted Pascal Ioni. Paris undertook its restoration in June Military device To Sahal, Especially leaving sites in the north Mali (Kidal, Tombakto And Desalit) And plans to reduce its strength in the region to 2,500-3,000 men by 2023, compared to more than 5,000 today.

“Transfer to Minusma and Malian Armed Forces will be finalized within ten days”, The spokesman further stressed “Close cooperation with the authorities and the military” From Mali. Relations between Paris and Pamako On September 25, when Malian was caretaker Prime Minister, Social Gokalla MagaAccused France, Has been militarily involved in Mali since 2013,“Drop in the middle of the plane”.

Critics should justify the possible use of the Russian private security panel Wagner, Described as being close to the president Vladimir Putin, To compensate for the reduction in burgundy airfoil. The remaining detachment in the gidal, its numbers are not disclosed “For security reasons”, have to do “Reinsurance” With partners in France, the spokesman stressed a process “Restricted, Restricted, Safe”. And to emphasize that “there is no question in telling people that we are abandoning Mali.”

The Minusma Kidal has 1,300 players, Guineas And Sadiens. The Malian forces They gathered for their area 400, the same source said.

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