February 2, 2023

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Mamatu Talla exposes the achievements of national education

The Minister of National Education participates in the meetings of the UNESCO General Conference to be held in Paris from November 9 to 24, 2021. On this stage, Mamto Dalla showcased the innovations of the Senegalese school.

Senegal has allocated substantial funds to the education sector to tackle the Govt-19 epidemic. This was the view of the Minister of National Education who addressed the General Conference of UNESCO. According to the authority, it has also set up a laboratory for possible and sustainable solutions to many of the challenges facing the world. This is especially true during this time of health crisis.

Under the supervision of Ministers, Delegates and UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoley, he was re-elected for a second term in four years, before a number of powers were created. Mamto Dalla praised the contribution of the United Nations to the many challenges posed by the epidemic. “Senegal, in collaboration with its partners, including UNESCO, has made innovative efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of the crisis, strengthen its recession and ensure continuity of education in schools and universities,” he added, adding that it was a “record of sustainable development”. Targets (odd) have always been a major issue in Senegal’s policy under the leadership of President Maggie Sal. “

According to him, these efforts are accelerating, especially in the field of education, with SDG4. In particular, the President reiterated his commitment to maintain the Department of Education’s funding limit beyond the 20% limit, as he expressed healthy volunteerism. “By implementing a plan to significantly improve quality in the education system, this preference is reflected on a daily basis,” Mr. Dalla underscores. He will not fail to unveil two key projects that have greatly aided this sustainable process of strengthening the education system. It aims to harness the potential of digital technology with a “home learning” initiative aimed at finding a solution to closing schools.

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The resolution includes the establishment of a program for the development of distance education (PROMET), further formalizing the strategy and better ensuring the renewal of Senegal schools. “The second project focuses on the diversification of quality education, the strengthening of content and the promotion of equality through the use of national languages ​​in schools, learning, and the deployment of LINEQ (National Integration School for National Integration Schools).” Finally, recently, Grandus established preparatory classes for eCommerce, popularizing the ministry, and these efforts have, among other things, made it possible to strengthen the continuum and quality of school enrollment and quality, as well as the dynamics of performance and success in the education system.

However, he acknowledges that despite the significant progress, “massive efforts are still needed to achieve quality education for all by 2030.”