May 30, 2023

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Medicinal cannabis is integrated into the health system

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Uruguay: Medical cannabis integrated into the health system

Uruguay is the first country in the world to recognize the use of cannabis and to ensure its production in 2013, the product is integrated into the treatment supported by its health system.

A specialized polyclinic recently opened in Montevideo uses three types of derivatives: Bidiol, or CBC, Epifracton and Sunnadiol.

Since September, a mutual insurance company affiliated with the Help Center of the Uruguayan Medical Association (CASMU) has been reimbursing cannabis-based treatments.

Julia Calcerano, director of the new polyclinic, explains: “Elderly people are coming to consult us because they are taking steroid-based anti-inflammatory drugs that affect the kidneys, or painkillers derived from opioids that make them worse. Reduce side effects and reduce the amount of cannabis.”

The system now trains doctors and recommends they add cannabis to their pharmacy. If there is no more diversified work around the plant in Uruguay, the clinic is starting to receive patients sent by doctors from across the country.

Author: Cody NDOYE –

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